Sponsorship Opportunities

Attendee Badgeholders/Lanyards

Distributed to all registerd attendees upon checking in at the registration counter at the convention center. Company branding can be placed on the actual lanyard in a single print color and the badgeholder insert. Includes rights fee and production costs for up to 2,000 badge lanyards. 


Attendee Registration Bag

Includes rights fee and production costs for up to 2,000 tote bags. One of our most visible opportunities is to co-brand your company on the show bag, which is distributed to each attendee.


Attendee Registration Bag Insert

Opportunity to place literature or samples in attendee registration bag


Custom Meter Panels

Only 1 spot available!

Need to tell a story about your products, launch a new product or showcase a line of solution products? Here is your opportunity for five (5) double sided meter panels to be placed in a high-traffi c area so that ALL attendees can’t miss your branding!


Hotel Key Cards

Another way to make the first impression is by branding the hotel card each attendee uses. As guest check in, your artwork will be front and center and as a clever reminder on where to find your booth at the show!


Hotel Room Drop

Approximate number of room drops: 800 Interested in making the first impression as you welcome the attendees to the event? Create a welcome message and amenity to be delivered to all annual conference attendees staying at the ADHA Hotels.


Restroom Amenities in Convention Center

Have your products available for attendees to sample in the restrooms of the convention center during exhibit days. This is a great way to drive them back to your booth. A sign will be placed outside of each restroom with your company’s logo and booth location. The ADHA will handle restocking of product.


Schedule of Events Board

Description: Display your company logo / booth advertisement on the “Schedule of Events” board. Attendees will use this board to confirm CE sessions as well as other events, creating lots of foot traffic and enhancing your exposure at ADHA 2019. 


Artwork Due: Friday, April 19


Show Site Banner

The premier way to increase booth traffic and to distinguish your brand from your competitors. Your banner will make a lasting impression to attendees during the convention. Locations are determined based on traffic flow and costs vary depending upon location.

Contact for pricing

T-Shirts - sponsorship

Looking to drive traffic to your booth and send all attendees home with a fun, branded t-shirt? With this sponsorship, ADHA will pre-promote your t-shirt giveaway in our attendee updates and onsite show App. Additionally, we will work with you to secure an adjacent booth so you can have more space to handout your t-shirts. All you need to do is provide the t-shirts!


BONUS: for an additional $2500 we will add your branded T-Shirts to the Registration staff's uniform of the day!

Call for details.


Wayfinder Signage

Help the attendees navigate their way around the event—and to your booth! Directional signage will be placed throughout the hotel and convention center, and your company logo and booth number will be placed on each sign.


WiFi for Conference

Provide blanket Wi-Fi access throughout the conference and expo hall for all attendees.  Your company logo will be featured on the wireless landing page. Every time attendees use Wi-Fi they'll think of you.

***Bonus option YOU have the option to select the password . . . . . 


Contact for pricing

Water Cooler/Bottle

Water Coolers: ADHA will provide attendees with six (6) water stations throughout the convention center Thursday through Sunday. Included in the sponsorship fee are the coolers and signage.


Water Bottles: The supporting company may provide water bottles to attendees at their own cost. The water bottles will be distributed at the registration counters upon check in. The fee also includes signage to the sponsor. 


Publication Bin/“You Are Here”

Description: Brand your company message/ad on a meter panel connected to our “You are Here” map and bins where attendees can pick up their Official Show Directory and ACCESS magazine issue!